To Encore Clothing, quality is key.

All items sold by Encore Clothing, are in excellent or very good condition.

Encore Clothing does not accept -

  • fakes, counterfeits or replicas

  • altered clothing

  • items obtained illegally (or containing security sensors)

  • items with rips, tears, shrinkage, stains or blemishes of any kind

  • items requiring cleaning, stain removal or dry-cleaning
  • shoes that show dirt or wear on the inside

  • shoes with scuff, dirt or other marks on the outside

  • outdated styles (for example outdated denim treatments or pant cuts such as flare or bootleg)

  • damaged handles, straps or zippers

  • items showing excessive wear, fading or pilling

  • items with odours (including from mothballs or storage)

  • swimwear without the protective strip