Consign With Us

Encore Clothing only consigns clothing, shoes and accessories that are of excellent quality and which are either in the shops currently, or have been within the past few years.  

Here's how it works:

If you would like to consign your items, send an email to and include photos of your items (taken with your phone is fine) and relevant details (such as brand and condition).  If you have a large number of items, please contact us first to discuss the best way to get an appraisal.
Encore Clothing will indicate which items are suitable for consignment, and will send you an appraisal estimate based for these items based on the information you have provided.
If you are happy with the appraisal and decide to proceed, Encore Clothing will photograph, catalog, and market your clothing on your behalf. 
You will receive a monthly status report, and profits will be paid directly into your bank account.


Encore Clothing is very particular about its items - so please don't be offended if we decline to consign any of your items!

Quality Standards:

All clothing and accessories must be gently worn, which means they must be in excellent condition, and purchased within the last few years.

Gently worn also means:

  • No stains or marks
  • No excessive wear, fading or pilling
  • No alterations, holes, or tears
  • No damaged handles, straps or zippers
  • No odours (including from storage)

Clothing items must be freshly washed or dry-cleaned before sending to Encore Clothing. Any dry-cleaning or other washing costs incurred by Encore Clothing will be for the account of the seller. 

Encore Clothing only accepts shoes that have never been worn or which only show light use.

Encore Clothing is also particular about which brands it carries - see the current list of brands carried and not carried.  Encore Clothing does not list vintage items, and will also not sell items that are unknown brands or that have no label, save for accessories where this is not often possible

Terms & Conditions:

  • Merchandise is sold on a consignment basis with a minimum required duration of 4 months
  • Unsold items will be returned to you by either party giving notice after the minimum required duration period
  • If some of your items have not sold, you can have them returned at cost or you can have them returned at cost or we can arrange donation to a suitable charity

Getting Your Clothes to Encore Clothing:

We charge R60 per box for sending your items to us via courier.  We will collect your items at no additional cost if if collection is in a 25km radius of the Sandton CBD. There is also no charge for items dropped off by you. No costs are payable upfront; we deduct them from your future sales.If you wish unsold items to be returned, courier charges will apply.  We charge you nothing if you wish us to donate any of your items to charity.