Consign With Us

Encore Clothing only consigns women's clothing, shoes and accessories that are of excellent quality. 

Getting Your Clothes to Encore Clothing:

  1. Select the items you would like to consign and check if they meet our Quality Standards set out below.
  2. Pack the items that match the standards in a box with a maximum weight of 5kg.
  3. Choose a Pargo Pick-Up Point that is most convenient to you.
  4. Email us on and give us your full name, email, cellphone number and chosen Pargo Pick-Up Point and we will send you a waybill (valid for 30 days) to print and attach to your box.
  5. Drop off the box at your selected Pargo Pick-Up Point and ensure that your box is scanned in.  Make a note of your waybill number as this is your parcel tracking number.

Quality Standards:

All clothing and accessories must be new or nearly new, in excellent condition with minimal wear, match the brand list, and purchased within the last few years. Maternity wear also accepted.

Shoes must be new or lightly worn only on the sole.  Swimming costumes and bikinis must be new with protective strip on.

This means:

  • No stains or marks
  • No excessive wear, fading or pilling
  • No alterations, holes, or tears
  • No damaged handles, straps or zippers
  • No odours (including from storage)

Encore Clothing does not list –

  • vintage items
  • wedding dresses
  • real fur
  • fakes or replicas
  • underwear or sleepwear
  • homemade or custom items
  • clothing without a label

Clothing items must be freshly washed or dry-cleaned before sending to Encore Clothing.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Prices are determined by Encore Clothing and may be adjusted without notification.
  2. Merchandise is sold on a consignment basis with a minimum required duration of 6 months.  Consignment fees are available on request.
  3. Unsold items are returned at cost to the consignor or donated to charity