Encore Clothing runs a community project in partnership with One Small Act of Kindness (OSOAK) called Bags of Hope.


OSOAK is a charity based in Randburg run by Kelly-Ann van der Meer (find out more about their amazing work on their website: The aim of OSOAK is to assist old-age homes, community foster homes, underprivileged nursery schools, the homeless and shelters. OSOAK also runs a foster home and a charity school.


Encore & OSAOK give women a hand up to create their own micro-business reselling clothing into their communities. Encore makes available bags containing a minimum of 20 quality items that have been specifically marked for donation by Encore. Items may require small repairs (eg resewing a loose button) or a little cleaning. These items may also not be a brand accepted by Encore but otherwise in perfect condition.


Each bag is priced at R100. The first bag is sponsored through the OSOAK network to give the reseller a start to her business. Subsequent bags are purchased through the profits made by the reseller from the sale of the items. Purchasing a bag encourages the reseller to take ownership of her micro-business. The R100 will go to OSAOK to support their community work.


Our resellers are able to feed families and pay rent from the profits.