About Encore Clothing

The Idea

Encore Clothing was started by Lara Rocchi, a former corporate attorney, who tried selling her business wardrobe online when she left legal practice, only to be frustrated and inconvenienced.

This led to the realisation that there was a need for a forum where people could consign their unwanted, but gently used, high quality clothing, shoes, and accessories, without hassle... and where cost-savvy stylish buyers could acquire beautiful items at reasonable prices.

The Place

Encore Clothing is an online consignment store based in Johannesburg, South Africa, that ships both nationwide and internationally.

The Service

Encore Clothing will photograph the clothing, catalogue them, list them, sell them, deliver them to the buyer… and everything in between. A reasonable commission is charged for this service and is agreed upfront.  There's nothing for you to do except to enjoy the profits of your wardrobe!

Media Mentions

We been featured in the following publications: